Devil Twins


Help these demon twins to defeat the bosses around the world


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Devil Twins is a game featuring two demon twins that travel the world defeating demons while always aiming to evolve and improve.

During the game, your characters move automatically. Your job is to increase their power in addition to using special attacks when necessary. The key is to defeat the demon bosses within one minute or the level will restart. Also important to keep in mind: the special attacks have a cool down period and some use up MP (magic points).

To help in the adventure, objects can be invoked to attack along with your characters and improve your stats, allowing you to have more than one assigned at the same time. You can get the materials and the orbs by defeating demons or via chests and missions that appear occasionally.

Devil Twins presents an initial story with carefully designed graphics, along with animations accompanying every attack and possibility to customize the characters. And to top it all off, other game modes can be unlocked as you advance through the map.

Requires Android 4.1, 4.1.1 or higher

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